Your Union

The Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees Local 1096 (IAPE) has been run by and for the employees of Dow Jones & Company for over 80 years. We represent approximately 1,250 employees in 20 locations throughout the U. S. and Canada. Our members hold a wide range of jobs—from reporters to computer technicians and programmers, from ad sales executives to staff assistants. Together we help publish and distribute the print and online versions of The Wall Street Journal and Barron's, and we work on products like Factiva and MarketWatch.

Our primary objective is to advance the economic interest and improve the working conditions of our members. The salary and benefits you enjoy are guaranteed to you through your IAPE contract. These benefits, including health insurance, retirement benefits, vacation days, and severance pay, have been fought for and won over the years through the collective bargaining process. Annual raises and other pay are also governed by the contract.

In addition to negotiating our contract, the role of the union is to help our members if they run into problems on the job—whether it is a problem with their boss, benefits or workplace safety. You have the right to bring an IAPE representative with you to any meeting at which discipline may be discussed. You don't have to go it alone!

We are affiliated with The NewsGuild and the Communications Workers of America, and known as IAPE TNG-CWA Local 1096. TNG and CWA provide us with important legal and other resources to help IAPE defend your rights under our contract.

IAPE is recognized as a 501(c)(5) organization by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).



Yogita Patel,

Tim Martell,   Executive director

Tim Martell,
Executive director

Elton Ng,    Classification Director ,Technology

Elton Ng,
Classification Director ,Technology

Lillian Rizzo,
Location Director, Northeast

Louise Radnofsky,
Location Director, Southeast

Joe Palazzolo
Location Director, Northeast

Michael Wursthorn,
Vice President

Cinda coldwell Classification Director Advertising/Administrative

John Jurgensen,    Location Director, Midwest

John Jurgensen,
Location Director, Midwest

Erin Rodgers   Location Director, Mid-Atlantic

Erin Rodgers
Location Director, Mid-Atlantic

Roger Pacheco,
Classification Director, Production

Alexandra Berzon,
Location Director, Southwest

Joseph Walker,   Treasurer

Joseph Walker,

Zusha Elinson,
Classification Director, News

Alex Lazo,
Location Director, Northwest

Nicole Barker,
Location Director, Mid-Atlantic

Tom Corrigan                                 Location Director, Northeast

Tom Corrigan Location Director, Northeast

Siobhan Hughes,

Vipal Monga Location Director, Canada

Patricia Corley,
Location Director, Mid-Atlantic

Jess Bravin,
Location Director, Southeast

Nicholas Leonardis                             Location Director, Northeast

Nicholas Leonardis Location Director, Northeast


Austen Hufford -- Chicago

Jon Randles -- New York

Keiko Morris -- New York

Lauren Weber -- New York

Melissa Korn -- New York

Ellie Ismailidou -- New York

Sam Rubenfeld -- New York

Kate King -- New York

Avi Salzman -- New York

Jane Seidel — New York

Kim Son — New York